“ I have not hunted turkey with anyone who could call in turkeys better than you or who had a ranch where turkeys were managed so successfully. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it! Facilities, food, and game are absolutely the best!
The long and short of it is that you deliver better than promised always. And just for anyone who is worried about security, I never even sensed a problem when I was hunting with you. Thanks again for everything.”

- Mr. John McLaurin


“ The hunt was for a Gould's Turkey... as a matter of fact that hunt got me hooked on turkey hunting. When Erwins would call the birds they would come running!. The accommodations were great and the food superb . I had a great time and never experienced any problems what so ever.”

- Bwana Bob



* Erwins outdoors @ Dallas Safari Club, Jan 5 - 8 2017... visit Us!

* Erwins Outdoors @ Las Vegas, 1 - 4 Feb